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Hey, players!

We have now got a new DayZ Standalone server up, which has been upgraded to 40 slots! (up from 30 on the old one)
The server will just be running ordinary DayZ without any special changes until further, mostly because there isn't anything much we can edit ourselves yet.

To find the server, you can just search for AWA in the server browser, or you can enter the IP directly:

The server is sponsored by the game service provider, which were kind enough to give us this server!
AWA January 21, 2014, 03:47:09 PM by AWA
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Hello everyone.
I'm sorry to announce that we are closing our DayZ mod servers.
Due to the recent lack of players after the DayZ Standalone release, we cannot afford to pay the monthly 60€ rent.
It's been some good times since we started these servers the summer 2012, and I'm really surprised that they were popular for so long!  :D
I want to thank all of you players for keeping the servers awesome, and I hope we'll see you on our Standalone server(s ).

Our graphics designer, SK|Stranger has made a really cool overview of the servers:
AWA January 10, 2014, 04:16:31 PM by AWA
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yottabyte December 16, 2013, 08:49:58 PM by yottabyte
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This event will be starting at 1900 hours GMT+1!
Your goal is to either capture or kill the VIP! She has NVGs on her and her team is well equipped!

"Tower, Flight GX-772 landing on the aircraft carrier Hughes"
"Copy that GX-772, welcome aboard. Disembark your team on the carrier and prepare for mission briefing."

"Okay folks, we have a simple mission today. The priority is the extraction of a young woman, codenamed 'Lily', from the mainland and bringing her to the evac chopper. She's the last fertile woman in that wasteland and she's about the only hope they have. Your mission is to extract and bring her back to the extraction zone, where a UH-1H will be waiting."

"What transport are we looking at?"

"2 pickups and a single SUV are provided by a friendly military contractor. Full complement for a squad of five is located inside the vehicles."

"Aight, copy. When are we leaving?"

"You will be brought to the mainland during the night and the chopper will be waiting tomorrow from 1800 hours mainland time. You will have to have delivered Lily there by midnight. That's all."
December 14, 2013, 03:13:15 AM by DMZ | Views: 706 | Comments: 2
By requests, AWA just set up a vanilla DayZ Namalsk server.


Have fun!

Edit: If you are experiencing issues when joining (if it kicks you out) using DayZCommander or any other third party launcher, try to manually connect using the remote function in Arma2 OA Multiplayer.

Make sure to have the latest beta and the correct Namalsk version loaded.

Cheezee December 10, 2013, 06:05:15 PM by Cheezee
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