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Hello ladies and gents,

We are proud to announce that we got our own Private Hive Server for DayZ Standalone!
Our server comes with a few features you will not see anywhere else:

  • Enabled global chat
  • Accelerated daytime (6h ingame = 1h in real life)

More features are planned in the near future, so everyone will get the old AWA-feeling when playing on our servers.
We welcome both new players and old veterans, and with your support, we're positive the server is going to be popular in no time! Spread the word to help us grow!

If you want to join just open your in-game server browser, click on remote and add the following IP address:
For now, our server isn't visible in your normal server browser.

And on a slightly less happy note,

We had to shut down our DayZ Mod Server because of the lack of interest in the DayZ Mod and subsequently, lack of active players. Administrating and running an empty server isn't worth it, especially with the recent drop of interest in the mod. We have to move on, but let us not forget about the awesome time you, the community, and we admins had! Honour those memories, and lets make it even better with the Standalone Private Hive!

We hope to see you all on the server,

AWA Administration Team
Skar June 24, 2014, 07:57:59 PM by Skar
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A word on the server

AWA is back, and stronger than ever!
It's been over 6 months, but do not despair
The cure is here!

The staff of Awkack is happy to announce that the server is back and running on the new patch 1.8.1

We hope to see all of you AWA veterans that supported the server for the long period of time in which it became one of the biggest and most active servers on DayZ.
To all new players, we welcome you and hope that you will enjoy yourselves. If you have any questions, issues, or other remarks, do feel free to mention these in the shoutbox, forums, or in a PM to one of the admins.

Here for combat logs:
Here for bugs/issues:

None of the AWA specific features are online yet, and will hopefully be added as the server grows in popularity.

This also means at least a part of the admin team is back, and we'll be watching you :D

A word on the update 1.8.1

A lot has been implemented and/or removed in the latest patch, but there are a few big changes that we want to mention:

- There is now a nutrition system for all food types.
- Drinking/eating one drink/food only regenerates a portion of the status bar
- Players can drink straight from water sources (Pond,wells etc)
- Dome tents have been added
- Chopping trees can break the hatchet, but the hatchet can be fixed with tape and wood
- Option to tear clothing into rags
- A small amount of blood regen
- Blood Types and blood testing kits.

A list of Changelogs can be found on the official DayZ mod forums


This server was brought back because the community, you, wanted it back. Show that you want to keep the server running by donating!


The admin team.
May 31, 2014, 04:53:57 PM by DMZ | Views: 4472 | Comments: 2

Hey, players!

We have now got a new DayZ Standalone server up, which has been upgraded to 40 slots! (up from 30 on the old one)
The server will just be running ordinary DayZ without any special changes until further, mostly because there isn't anything much we can edit ourselves yet.

To find the server, you can just search for AWA in the server browser, or you can enter the IP directly:

The server is sponsored by the game service provider, which were kind enough to give us this server!
AWA January 21, 2014, 03:47:09 PM by AWA
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Hello everyone.
I'm sorry to announce that we are closing our DayZ mod servers.
Due to the recent lack of players after the DayZ Standalone release, we cannot afford to pay the monthly 60€ rent.
It's been some good times since we started these servers the summer 2012, and I'm really surprised that they were popular for so long!  :D
I want to thank all of you players for keeping the servers awesome, and I hope we'll see you on our Standalone server(s ).

Our graphics designer, SK|Stranger has made a really cool overview of the servers:
AWA January 10, 2014, 04:16:31 PM by AWA
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yottabyte December 16, 2013, 08:49:58 PM by yottabyte
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